Spay/Neuter Information

Why is it important to neuter male cats?

There are several benefits to neutering male cats. Neutering removes the risk of pregnancy and reduces the number of kittens living on the streets or in shelters. Neutered cats tend to be more affectionate and gentle and are far less likely to spray if neutered by 4 months. They do not have the drive to find a mate, and therefore tend to roam less and get into fewer fights. There are also several health benefits including the reduced risk of prostate problems and eliminated chance of testicular cancer.

Why is is important to spay female cats?

There are several benefits to spaying female cats. Spaying removes the risk of pregnancy and your cat having multiple litters over the course of their life. Spayed cats have reduced risk of uterine, mammary, and ovarian cancers.


Where can you get low-cost spay and neuter? 

The Humane Society of Puerto Rico in Guaynabo offers spay/neuter for $45. You can find out more information at The Centro de control de animales also offers spay/neueter for $35-$45. Both require you to schedule an appointment and pay for the surgery ahead of time. You can also contact local veterinarians to find out how much they charge for the procedure; it may be a lot less than you think and can provide many behavioral and health benefits to your cat! The Spayathon for Puerto Rico offers free spay or neuter and vaccines. Please check their website to find out about future dates and locations