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Become a Volunteer in Old San Juan

We have many volunteer opportunities available! If you are interested in volunteering, please email us at

Volunteer on the Paseo

Become a caretaker of a colony of cats in Old San Juan. You can join a team of volunteers who feed, monitor and care for these colonies.


Volunteer at Casita 

Volunteer at the Save a Gato facility in Old San Juan. Here we have cats who are sick or injured, as well as those who are going through the Trap, neuter, and release (TNR) and adoption programs. Volunteers provide clean food, water and litter boxes and provide socialization for the cats in our care.

Volunteer at PetSmart

When our TNR cats who have been determined to be adoptable are sterilized and vaccinated, they are sent to PetSmart Escorial, San Patricio, and Señorial. Volunteers help care for the cats so they are ready to meet potential adopters. 


Trap cats

Join the team that humanely traps unsterilized cats that are pregnant, sick or injured in Old San Juan in order to carry out the TNR program.


Transport cats

Provide transportation to veterinarians and shelters where cats are spayed or treated for illnesses. Volunteers bring cats to the airport so they can fly to their new home or no-kill shelters we partner with in the states. 


Foster a Gato

Become a temporary home for cats and kittens that need special care.



Having good quality photographs on Petfinder and Facebook can make a huge difference for our cats. We need photos that show off the personality of our cats so people want to meet them. All you need is a digital camera! 

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