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What to do if you find a stray cat?

What to do if you find a stray adult cat?

  1. Make sure the cat has food, water, and shelter. 

  2. If you think the cat is lost, post on these Facebook pages: Gatos perdidos y encontrados Puerto Rico or Animales perdidos y encontrados Puerto Rico to try to reconnect the cat with its owner.* 

  3. If you think the cat is a stray cat and could be adopted, post on these Facebook pages: Gatos para adopcion-Puerto Rico, Gatos y perros de Puerto Rico para adopcion y perdidos, Gatos de Puerto Rico en adopcion, mascots para adopcion PR, y Adopcion de animales en Puerto Rico.*

  4. Do TNR (trap, neuter, and return) and give this cat a healthier life and stop the birth of kittens on the street! Humane Society in Guaynabo offers TNR spay/neuter and rabies vaccine for $40.

  5. Save a Gato can promote the cat on our social media pages ONLY if the cat is spayed/neutered. We need a name, estimated age, sex, medical history (vaccines, any tests, etc), personality description, and your contact information. 

* Save a Gato does not endorse any of these pages. Please make sure you are evaluating potential adopters to make sure the cats goes to a good home.

What to do if you find a stray kitten?


Kitten Lady

Rescuing Newborn Kittens

Kitten Lady rescued 3 newborn kittens. In this video you can see their rescue story, and learn how to care for abandoned newborn kittens in your own home. 

How to care for a neonatal kitten 

If you find a neonatal kitten, or a kitten younger than 6 weeks old, you will need to bottle-feed him or her. Although this may seem like a difficult task, there are lots of websites with information about how to care for this small kitten. The table below explains what and how often to feed the kitten. If you have questions, you can follow the Kitten Lady of Facebook and of course contact a veterinarian for a medical evaluation and additional information.

  • Until at least month old, kittens will need to be bottle fed kitten formula.

  • You should not bottle-feed the kitten while she is on her back. Her belly should be touching the table. It is recommended that the kitten eats the warmed-up formula until full (may take 15 minutes)

  • Kittens will need help eliminating urine and feces until they are approximately a month old. After each feeding, use a warm, damp washcloth to gently rub her anus until she goes. You can introduce a litter box filled with non-clumping litter at 3 weeks old.​​

  • It is important to keep the kitten’s body temperature regulated. You can use a heating pad with a towel or blanket on top with the setting on low. If the heating pad is too hot, it can burn the kitten, so only use on low with a barrier between the kitten and the pad.  

  • Pet stores will have all the supplies you will need: kitten formula, bottles, rubber nipples and cleaning supplies.

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